About Us

A little about who are and what we are trying to achieve

Who are we?

Instaveritas was founded by Nikhil Mulchandani and Abhishek Rathi back in 2014 while they were exploring start up ideas to invest into back at Ixora Ventures. Realizing that there is big gap for a fast and accurate background check – the two quickly set a solution catered to the exploding gig economy. From a small room and a white board, we have now grown to a team of over 250 people with 750 clients across every sector. And we have just only begun…

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Our customers are the cornerstone for our success and we are laser focused to ensure that we delivery beyond expectations. Here’s our Motto:

Look after your customer and the business will take care of itself


We are a young team from diverse backgrounds all itching to make our mark in this world.

We have you covered on all fronts

Lightning Speed

Our technology and workflow enables us to crush the industry set expectations.

Unmatched Accuracy

We have demonstrated to have the highest level of accuracy to our report. Just ask

Technology First

Our APIs enables large and complex organisations to run checks as scale with easy.​

Best In Industry Support

Call us in the middle of the night. No problem. Our customers comes first.​


Our systems are SSL encrypted and stress tested to ensure highest level of security standards.​

Domain Expertise

Our team experts have worked across sectors and will devise a plan that best fits your comapny.