A solid screening framework is critical for fast scaling companies to protect themselves from fraud and misrepresentation. InstaVeritas offers a 360-degree employee background that is customizable based on your company’s size, industry or requirements.

We offer the full range of screening solutions

Identity Verification

Authenticate government issued identity proofs in real time.

Address Verification

Ensure traceability with physical field visits. Collect photographs. GPS Coordinates and verifier details.

Criminal Records Check

Red-flag individuals with past or pending criminal records to ensure safety and compliance.

Civil Litigation Checks

Identify any civil litigation that a potential Candidate may be involved in.

Past Employment Checks

Check for work tenure, income confirmation, role details and integrity issues.

Education Degree Authentication

Verify authenticity of university degreed and qualifications.

Credit History

Assess the financial health of your potential hires with verified credit reports.

Global Database Checks and Sanctions

Screen for global violator’s, Politically Exposed People and Anti Money Laundering Lists.

Professional References Checks

Qualitative reference checks to assess a Candidate suitability and past performance.

We have you covered on all fronts

Candidate Support and Care

Dedicated candidate support team to ensure a smooth Candidate Experiance f rom Onboarding

API Integration

HRIS Inegrations with DarwinBox,SuccessFactors etc Integration direct with our plug and Play APIs for Conducting chekcs as scale

Automated Workflows

Automated Worksflows for faster TAT Minimal HR intervention, One Click Case Initiations and Tracking

Compliance and Security

Enterprise grade encryption at every stage Compliant and Auditable BGV policies and process

Fast, Accurate and Scalable Screening at your Fingertips

Real Time Dashboards

Initiate cases, track live progress, download reports and view analytics.

APIs and HRIS Integrations

API integrated with DarwinBox, Succesfactors etc. to allow our customers to conducts checks easily and at Scale.

Seamless Candidate Experience

Our solutions are built with the Candidates in mind and offer complete support during the onboarding and screening.

24/7 Account Management

Human interface is key and our dedicated teams are a call away for any urgencies or escalations.

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