Background Checks.

We’ve built the most advanced background solutions in the industry to make hiring faster, seamless , more accurate, and lower risk.

12 Million +

Checks Completed


Client Retention Rate




Dedicated Verfication Agents


Higher Hit Rate for Criminal Check

Protecting your Company from Financial, Reputational and Security Risks

InstaVeritas talior builds a screening solution that works for you, irrespective of industry or size.


Blue and Gray Collar Staff Screening

Protect your customers and brand with our blue-color screening solutions suite. Standard checks include Identity. Criminal Record and Address.


Managerial and Leadership Screening

Identify and eliminate fraud and misrepresentation by potential new recruits. Checks for Employment History, Income, Educational Qualifications, Litigation.

Digital KYC Solutions

Onboard and authenticate seamlessly with our full suite of identity, document and asset verification APIs.

Brands that turst Instaveritas

Fast, Accurate and Scalable Screening at your Fingertips

Real Time Dashboards

Initiate cases, track live progress, download reports and view analytics.

APIs and HRIS Integrations

API integrated with DarwinBox, Succesfactors etc. to allow our customers to conducts checks easily and at Scale.

Seamless Candidate Experience

Our solutions are built with the Candidates in mind and offer complete support during the onboarding and screening.

24/7 Account Management

Human interface is key and our dedicated teams are a call away for any urgencies or escalations.

A Solution
for Every Industry

Gig Economy

Run background checks at scale on your networks

FinTech and Insurance

Our KYC and digital indentity soultions screen fin tech firms to make decisions in an instant

Delivery & Logistics

Comprehensive checks to verify your driver partner
fleet and delivery staff

Staffing and Placement

Pre-screen Candidates to ensure high level of trust and integrity,Manpower Group

Infrastructure and Industry

InstaVeritas is a preferred partner for large
conglomerates with diverse business interests.


We work with Hospital and at-home care providers to ensure only verified staff are place in this critical industry.


InstaVeritas is the screening partner for major
India airports in Delhi, Hyderabad and Goa

Crypto Currency

Our facematch and digital identity check solutions makes customer onboarding seamless and down to a few seconds